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Who We Are

At DASI Solutions, we are dedicated to service and support, offering SOLIDWORKS engineering software solutions, accompanied by best-in-class training and support. We are passionate in playing an active role in the engineering community, continuing to build partnerships and success stories with our commercial and educational customers.



Award Winning Team 

With our award-winning team, DASI Solutions assists emerging sector companies in the implementation of CAD, CAE and PDM collaborative technologies used by the designing engineer. Our customer is anyone who designs a product – no matter how big or small – and desires a more engaging and interactive customer experience. DASI Solutions has authorized sales, training and technical support facilities throughout Arizona, California, Indiana and Michigan.



Our Products 

Specializing in solutions for product and equipment design professionals, DASI Solutions offers complete solutions to help companies bring their products to market. Our primary offerings include the complete SOLIDWORKS Suite of 3D Design Software. Take a look and see how these solutions are helping other companies gain a competitive edge.


DASI Solutions offers a wide range of certified instructor-led training courses, from introductory level to customized training and mentoring services. Our instructors are recognized as industry experts in SOLIDWORKS. The focus of each SOLIDWORKS training course is on the fundamental skills and concepts central to the successful use of SOLIDWORKS mechanical design software.